The success of ‘cause’ days in bringing issues into the media spotlight is well-established.  They present an almost guaranteed hook for media attention and opportunities for engaging the public and raising awareness.

Securing such days requires strong consensus on the need, and advocacy for official recognition. Ensuring effectiveness requires resources at the grassroots level.  There are examples of effective use of this concept for obesity.  For example, Latin America has an Obesity Awareness Day on 11th October. It was established in 1998 and has become a pivotal day for obesity on the continent ever since. The UK’s National Obesity Awareness Week gains attention each January, helped in no small part by media appetite to address the issue of weight gain after the Christmas season.

We feel that now is the right time to launch a single World Obesity Day which could use centrally provided, but localisable materials to communicate powerfully the impact of obesity on people’s lives, on health systems and economies and also highlight the innovative initiatives being undertaken around the world to tackle obesity.

Visit the World Obesity Day webpage.

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